Creation: Didier Lockwood - Violons Barbares - Guo Gan


Creation: Didier Lockwood - Violons Barbares - Guo Gan
Crossed Violins
France - Mongolia - Bulgaria - China
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Didier Lockwood, violin
Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal (“Epi”), morin khoor & vocals
Dimitar Gougov, gadulka & vocals
Fabien Guyot , percussions de tous horizons & vocals
Guo Gan, erhu

For the last 40 years, Didier Lockwood did not stop exploring the wealth of his instrument, the violin, through the Jazz, the classical music... Fruit of the meeting with the Violons Barbares and Guo Gan, this creation is the opportunity to travel through new horizons.


Four rubbed ropes (violin-morin khoor-erhu-gadulka) carried by wild percussions transport us from China to the Balkans, from Mongolia to Middle East.
A contemporary and virtuoso vision of the Silk Route, a story of crossed Violins !


Les Nuits de Fourvière (FRA), Jazz à Juan les pins (FRA), Jazz à Toulon (FRA), Carré Belle Feuille - Boulogne-Billancourt (FRA), Théâtre des Allobroges  - Cluses (FRA), Le Point d'eau - Ostwald, etc...


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