White Spirit


White Spirit
Street Art & sufi trance by the Whirling dervishes of Damas
France - Tunisia - Syria
on Tour
11 artists on stage

Staging: Jean-hervé Vidal

Artistic direction: Jean-Hervé Vidal & Mehdi Ben Sheikh

Coproduction Zaman Production @ Musée du quai Branly. In collaboration with Galerie Itinerrance

Light design: Christophe Olivier

Vidéo effect: Zaki Jawhari

In combining profane and sacred, music and visual art, White Spirit offers a powerful sensorial and spiritual experience.

The Tunisian street artist Shoof (Hosni Hertelli) has deveveloped a rich and imaginative style of painting which is directly inspired by arabic calligraphy. Wishing to take the mystique out of traditional calligraphy, he has unravelled each Arabic letter, by letting  himself be guided by the flow of the strokes.
 Noureddine Khourchid, whose magnificent voice resounds from the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, is the son of Abu al-Nour, sheikh of the Shâdhiliyya Sufi order, which is one of the most important orders in the Arab world. The ensemble brings together 7 munshid (religious singers) or hymn singers from the same order and three dancers from the Mawlawi order of the whirling dervishes of Damascus.
 For the Sufis, the quest for the divine can be attained through a trance, through a repetition of the same leitmotiv which is sung and danced and which expresses the soul’s burning desire to return to its original source.
 Shoof perceives it as « pure energy which springs from deep inside then spreads until it is infinitely wide, gathering everything in its path….only to focus it all on one spot, to ‘verticalise’ it  like a ray of light which shoots up to commune with heaven.
 Shoof has translated this vision into an aesthetic object of visual art : in a few days of creative residence, he transforms the theatre by painting it with calligraphic symbols in circles which only appear enlightened by black light. Thus by making his brush strokes a written testimony, the Sufi choir lives on.

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Perth International Art Festival (AUS)
Perth International Art Festival (AUS)

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