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WANG LI, Jew’s harp & calabash flute

Wang Li who comes from Tsinghao has made the Jew’s harp his favourite instrument, creating little by little a resounding space of quest and liberty.

It takes you into an interior world which takes everyone back to the echoes of their own childhood, from the inner turmoil and the whirligig of life to silence. Here there is nothing but breaths and vibrations, memories and visions. His imaginary world is filled with a resonance which is both personal and universal at the same time.


New York Times

Wang Li, a Chinese musician based in Paris, performed solo, finding a futuristic sound in humble instruments. He played jew’s-harps, twangy little instruments that were closely miked and enriched by reverb so that every touch and resonance was audible in detail. His pieces were fascinating, introspective perpetual-motion meditations. The rhythms of sharply pinging, clicking notes sometimes suggested electronic dance music; ghostly overtone melodies sighed up above. It was deeply solitary music, quietly spellbinding.


NPR's All Songs Considered

And there's perhaps the most sublime and experimental artist in this year's lineup, Chinese-born, Paris-based jaw harp master Wang Li, who uses both traditional and avant-garde techniques and improvisation to create a surprising sonic palette



TED conference - Long Beach (US), Live@365 / White Light Festival - New-York (US), Viljandi Folk Music Festival (EN) Théâtre de Grasse (FR), Richmond Folk festival (US), Womex 2010,  Lieu Unique Scène Nationale - Nantes (FR), Les Orientales (FR), Global Fest - New York (US)


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