Cho Mu Win


Cho Mu Win
Delicate voice of Mandalay
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Burmese music is divided into 2 major types: outdoor music, played outdoors with instruments powerful tones (percussion, oboe) and accompanying mostly classical repertoire, performances of Thai Yok Tabin (puppets ), Royal processions and religious festivals. Meanwhile, in a complementary manner, chamber music provides a counterpoint and highlights the remarkable instruments naviformes soft tones, the harp Saung Gauk Patalas and xylophone and flute Khlui whose son seems so light flowing like a river stressing grace and refinement of ornamentation on the harp.

The repertoire of Burmese music is wide. It consists of several hundred melodies of manuscripts submitted manuscripts for several centuries and grouped in 2 fundamental works: Maha Gita and Gita Wi Htou Then. Virtually all music is of Burmese origin voice. Very often, musicians belonging to families of famous musicians know by heart songs that are transmitted orally from father to son ...

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