The light of Asia


The light of Asia
Film concert - Live music by Divana Ensemble
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The silent film masterpiece signed Franz Osten in 1925 tells the story of Buddha’s youth, a pretext for revealing the sumptuous lives of the Rajahs at a time when myth and reality were still one. The greatest Manghaniyar and Langa musicians of the Divana Ensemble of Rajasthan (India), formerly in the service of Hindu lords, recreate their parents’ primeval music, an image of a different era.


Franz Osten's movie, 1h37, mute, 1929 - India / Germany
Scenario of Niranjan Pal, according to Edwin Arnold's poem
Music : Divana Ensemble
Artistic direction : Alain Weber / Artistic coordination : Michel Le Bastard
Thanks to British Film Institute, Arte TV & festival Les Orientales


Brave festival (PL), Festival Les Orientales (FR), Cultuurcentrum - Brugge (BE), International Fes Festival (MO), Tropen Theater - Asmterdam (NL), Rasa - Utrecht (NL), World Music Sufi Spirit festival - Jodhpur (IN), Théâtre National - Toulouse (FR), etc...

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