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Yulduz Turdiyeva was born near Bukhara in Uzbekistan. When aged only 12 she developed a passion for traditional song. She was so successful that she immediately won prizes, which attracted the attention of her teachers. She was soon in demand for concerts all over the region and, after leaving school, she went straight to the Tashkent Conservatory.

She is not only a rising star of Uzbek classical singing (yulduz means "star"), but has also complete command of the light repertoire of Bukhara (mavregi) and contributes to its restoration and propagation. In 2006, during a tour in Europe, she proved that she was also able to sing in the Persian style, but in a very personal way, both in ornamentation and rhythm. It amazed the Iranian fans, who are normally very demanding and not so open to stylistic innovations. Once she had received her diploma, she continued with her active career. In 2009, at the large international vocal competition in Baku, she stunned the international and Azerbaijan jury, because after singing a Uzbek composition, she performed a canonical and evocative piece of great difficulty with total mastery and genuine passion: Shekastesi Karabakh, an ancient zarbi-muqam evoking the lost region of Karabakh.

The overwhelmed jury ignored the dozen singers from Inner Asia who had preceded her and awarded her a prestigious and substantial prize. One should know that Azerbaijan, like Uzbekistan, has the best vocalists of Central Asia, so that in Eastern competitions such as in Samarqand, the winners are always either Uzbeks or Azerbaijani. This may have a genetic basis, as the voices are of an exceptional range, but culture is also a factor, since both the Uzbeks, Tajiks and Azerbaijanis are passionate about singing. There is no feast without songs belonging to a repertoire that ranges from the most sophisticated compositions to the simplest dance tunes.

Although there are many brilliant singers in Uzbekistan, Yulduz stands out because of her exceptional musical qualities and her adaptability to diverse classical genres. Her communicative passion, her natural joy of singing have enabled her to free herself of the academic strictures within which other Uzbek stars - who have also gained fame on the international scene- are stubbornly confined. Her artistic instinct, her radiating presence, her charm and her human qualities all combine to designate her as a diva predestined for worldwide stardom.
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Théâtre de la Ville - Paris (FR),  Festival Mawazine - Rabat (MA)

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