Zèwditou Yohannes


Zèwditou Yohannes
Azmari traditions
on Tour
4 artists on stage

Zewditou Yohannes: Singer

Endris Hassen: fiddle Masenko

Misale Legesse: Drum Kebero

Addis-Allem Asfaw: Dance

An Azmari is an itinerant Ethiopian minstrel or bard. Armed with his faithful masenko (one-stringed fiddle), the azmari perpetuates a very old form of entertainment in Ethiopia. At court, like the buffoons in Europe, the Azmari enjoyed great freedom of expression, provided that their verses were spiritual, eloquent and fine. Today we meet azmari at weddings or other special occasions, giving a funeral eulogy or a poetic ballad in honour of their hosts. They also perform in big cities, some of these singers have become celebrities.

The lead singer Zewditou Yohannes is accompagnied by the two masters Endris Hassen playing the fiddle Masenko, Misale Legesse playing the Drum Kebero. and the dancer Addis-Allem Asfaw


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